لَطِيف \ beautiful: full of beauty. courteous: polite. dainty: pretty, neat, light, but not strong (girl, flower, cup, etc.). darling: delightful: What a darling little animal!. dear: sweet; fit to be loved: What a dear little girl!. decent: pleasant: John is a very decent fellow. delicate: tender; careful not to hurt: delicate treatment. gentle: kind; not rough; not violent: a gentle nature; a gentle push. good: pleasing: good news; a good film, kind It was good of you to help us. graceful: showing grace of movement: She has a graceful figure. He dances gracefully. gracious: polite, kind and pleasant. kind: gentle; friendly; helpful: Always be kind to children. it was kind of you to invite me. kindly: kind: a kindly old lady. lovely: pleasant: We had a lovely time. mellow: made soft, sweet or gentle by age (colours, wine, people, etc.): a mellow voice. mild: (of weather in winter) not cold or stormy; (of people) gentle and quiet in manner; (of illness) not serious; (of words and actions) gentle: a mild attack of fever; a mild punishment. nice: pleasant: a nice day (a fine day); a nice time (an enjoyable time); nice clothes (pleasing and of good quality); nice food (with a pleasant taste). obliging: helpful, in a willing way: an obliging shopkeeper. placid: calm by nature; not easily excited. pleasant: pleasing; satisfying; nice; friendly: a pleasant taste; a pleasant companion. pretty: beautiful or pleasing in a simple way: a pretty girl; a pretty dress. soft: (of winds, etc.) gentle. sweet: pleasant: a sweet smell; a sweet smile; a sweet little girl (pretty and charming). thoughtful: kind; considering the needs or feelings or other people: It was thoughtful of you to visit me in hospital \ See Also مهذب (مُهَذَّب)، ممتع (مُمْتِع)، بهيج (بَهيج)، جميل (جَمِيل)، ظريف (ظَرِيف)، خفيف (خَفيف)، جذاب (جذَّاب)، سار (سَارّ)، مراع لشعور الآخرين (مُراعٍ لِشعورِ الآخرين)‏

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